Hawaiian Chocolate Adventure

Last weekend, Richard and I visited Oahu to celebrate a big birthday and to explore the world of Hawaiian chocolate. We were able to visit a chocolate-maker or farm almost every day of our trip!

In upcoming posts, I’ll go into more detail as to what we learned and the wonderful new friends we’ve made in the industry. With a range of different focuses and methods of making and sharing bean-to-bar chocolate, the Hawaiian makers are at the epicenter of small batch chocolate in the US. Why? Because Hawaii is the only state in the country located in a climate compatible for growing theobroma cacao!

In the meantime, suffice it to say that we enjoyed ourselves – kayaking, snorkling, hiking, jumping off waterfalls, and eating some of the most delicious food ever (poke, anyone??).

Kahuku Farms - cacao trees

Kahuku Farms – cacao trees

Look out for posts coming soon on each of our visits and lessons learned!

4 thoughts on “Hawaiian Chocolate Adventure

  1. Great post ….if u get the chance to go to Maui … I may be able to set you up with a visit on the farm outside of wailea and with Melanie and her factory

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