List of “From the Bean” Chocolate Makers

You may have noticed by now that we at Root Chocolate are not the only ones making chocolate “from the bean,” as Clay Gordon likes to call it. In fact, we are among many small- and micro-batch makers dedicated to the craft (part art, part science) of making chocolate.

I wanted to do a brief post about the many other bean-to-bar companies out there to pass along the advice we’ve been given time and again: eat more chocolate. Refine your palate. Taste all those other delicious bars in order to understand what you really like. First, please note the many sites that review chocolate bars and share their wealth of tasting knowledge with the world:

And now, without further ado, I give you the list of all the “from the bar” chocolate makers I’m aware of. Please feel free to comment to add or correct anything on this list, so I can build out this list even more thoroughly!

Name Location Website
A. Morin France
Acalli Chocolate New Orleans, LA
Adi Chocolate Fiji
Agapey Chocolate Barbados
Akesson’s Sweden
Alain Ducasse France
Amadei New York, NY
Amano Chocolate Orem, UT
Ambrosia Pastry Canada
Amma Chocolate Brazil
Anahata Cacao New Jersey
Antidote Chocolate Brooklyn, NY
Ara Chocolate France
Arete Milpitas, CA
Askinosie Springfield, MO
Bahen & Co Australia
Bar Au Chocolat Manhattan Beach, CA
Baravelli’s Welsh Chocolate Ireland
Beanpod Chocolate Canada
Benoit Nihant Chocolate Belgium
Bernachon France
Beussent-Lachelle France
Bisou Chocolate Berkeley, CA
Bittersweet Chocolate Cafe Oakland, CA
Black Mountain Chocolate Black Mountain, NC
Blue Bandana Vermont
Bonnat France
Bright Chocolate Australia
Burnt Fork Bend Chocolate Stevensville, MT
Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co. Atlanta, GA
Cacao Prieto Brooklyn
Cacaosuyo Peru
Cao Artisan Chocolates Lynchburg, VA
Captain Pembleton New Zealand
Caribeans Chocolate Costa Rica
Castronovo Florida
Cello Chocolate Nevada City, CA
Charley’s Chocolate Factory Australia
Charm School Chocolate Baltimore, MD
Chequessett Chocolate Cape Cod, MA
Chocolarder England
Chocolat Ferrier France
Chocolate Alchemy Eugene, OR
Chocolate Naive Lithuania
Chocolate Sandander Colombia
Chocolatemakers Netherlands
Chocolates El Rey Venezuela
ChocoSol Traders Canada
ChocoVic Spain
ChocoVivo Los Angeles, CA
Choklat Canada
Cicada Artisan Chocolate Australia
Cocanu Portland, OR
CocoaTown LLC Roswell, GA
Cotton Tree Chocolate Belize
Cravve Chocolate and Tea Australia
Csokolade Keszites Hungary
Daintree Estates Australia
Dandelion Chocolate San Francisco, CA
Danta Chocolate Guatemala
Davis Chocolate Mishawaka, IN
Dead Dog Chocolate Denver, CO
DeVries Chocolate Denver, CO
Dick Taylor Arcata, CA
Doble & Bignall United Kingdom
Domori Italy
Duffy’s Chocolate England
Dulcinea Pennsylvania
DV Chocolate South Africa
Eastvan Roasters Canada
El Ceibo Bolivia
Emily’s Chocolate Japan
Erithaj Chocolate France
Escazu Raleigh, NC
Ethereal Confections Woodstock, IL
Finca Chocolate Logan, OH
Fine and Raw Chocolate South Africa
Firefly Chocolate Sebastopol, CA
Forever Cacao United Kingdom
Franceschi Chocolate Venezuela
Frederic Blondeel Belgium
French Broad Chocolates Asheville, NC
Fresco Chocolate Lynden, WA
Friis Holm Denmark
Frolic Chocolate Charlottesville, VA
Fruition New York
Gabriel Chocolate Australia
Gaillot Chocolate Bulgaria
Garden Island Chocolate/ Nanea Chocolate Kauaii, HI
Guido Castagna Italy
Guittard Burlingame, CA
Habitual Chocolate Roasters Canada
Hoja Verde Ecuador
Holy Cacao Israel
Hotel Chocolat England
Idilio Origins Switzerland
Indi Chocolate Seattle, WA
IQ Chocolate Scotland
ISIDRO Chocolate Austin, TX
It’s Chocolate! Winston-Salem, NC
IXCACAO Maya Belizean Chocolate Belize
Jacques Torres Chocolate New York, NY
Jordi’s Chocolate Czech Republic
Kakaw Belizean Chocolate Belize
Kallari Ecuador
KISKADEE Chocolates Austin, TX
KYYA Springdale, AR
Laia Chocolaterie France
Letterpress Chocolate Los Angeles, CA
Levy Chocolate Finland
Lillie Belle Farms Central Point, OR
Lonohana Hawaiian Estate Chocolate Honolulu, HI
Lulu’s Chocolate Sedona, AZ
Madecasse Madagascar
Madre Chocolate Honolulu, HI
Magdalena’s Cacao Bean Chocolates Philippines
Mahogany Chocolate Lubbock, TX
Malagos Chocolates Philippines
Malie Kai Chocolates Hawaii
Mana Chocolate Portland, OR
Manoa Chocolate Kailua, HI
Manufaktura Czekolady Poland
Marigold’s Finest Canada
Marou Vietnam
Marsatta Redondo Beach, CA
Marsatta Fancy Chocolates Redondo Beach, CA
Mast Brothers Brooklyn, NY
Maverick Chocolate Co. Cincinati, OH
Mayta Ecuador
Meadowlands Chocolate Company Meadowlands, MN
Menakao Madagascar
Meridian Cacao Portland, OR
Metiisto Artisan Chocolate Sweden
Michael Recchiuti San Francisco, CA
Michel Cluizel France
Middlebury Chocolate Middlebury, VT
Millcreek Cacao Roasters Salt Lake City, UT
Mindo Chocolate Makers Dexter, MI
Molucca Fresno, CA
Monsieur Truffle Australia
Mucho Mas Chocolate Pennsylvania
Nahua Chocolate Costa Rica
Nathan Miller Chocolate Pennsylvania
Nibble Chocolates San Diego, CA
Nick’s Chocolate Australia
Night Owl Chocolate Greenville, SC
Nuance Chocolate Fort Collins, CO
Oialla Denmark
Olive and Sinclair Nashville, TN
Olivia Chocolat Canada
Omnom Chocolate Iceland
Organic Fair Canada
Original Beans Netherlands
Otago Chocolate Company (Ocho) New Zealand
Pacari Chocolate Ecuador
Palette De Bine Canada
Parliament Chocolate Redlands, CA
Patric Columbia, MO
Patrice Chapon France
Paul A. Young England
Pierre Marcolini France
Pinella’s Chocolate Company Florida
Pipiltin Chocolate Indonesia
Pitch Dark Chocolate Portland, OR
Potomac Woodbridge, VA
Pralus France
Pump Street Bakery England
Raaka Chocolate Brooklyn, NY
Rain Republic Chocolate Guatemala
Raw Cocoa Poland
Republica de Cacao Ecuador
Ritual Chocolate Denver, CO
Rogue Massachussets
Rozsavolgyi Csokolade Hungary
Sacred Chocolate Novato, CA
Salgado Chocolates Argentina
Sandpoint Chocolate Bear Sandpoint, ID
Santosha Chocolate Asheville, NC
Shark Mountain Chocolate Charlottesville, VA
Sibu Sura Chocolates Myersville, MD
Sirene Artisan Chocolate Canada
Sjölinds Chocolate House Mount Horeb, WI
Solkiki Chocolate England
Solstice Chocolate Salt Lake City, Utah
SOMA Chocolate Canada
Somerville Chocolate Somerville, MA
SPAGnVOLA Gaithersburg, MD
Spencer Cacao Australia
Spirited Artisan Chocolate Bisbee, AZ
SRSLY Chocolate Austin, TX
Stone Grindz Arizona
Sublime Chocolate Dallas, TX
Sun Eaters Organics Trinidad and Tobago
Tabal Milwaukee, MN
Talamanca Chocolates Costa Rica
Taza Massachussets
Tejas Chocolate Houston, TX
Terroir Chocolate Fergus Falls, MN
The Chocolate Conspiracy Salt Lake City, UT
The Chocolate Tree Scotland
The Fudge Shoppe Flemington, NJ
The Grenada Chocolate Company Grenada
The Oakland Chocolate Company Oakland, CA
The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory Kailua-Kona, HI
Theo and Philo Philippines
Theo Chocolate Seattle, WA
Treehouse Chocolate Portland, OR
Twenty-four blackbirds Santa Barbara, CA
Valhrona Brooklyn, NY
Vicuña Chocolate Peterborough, NH
Videri Chocolate North Carolina
Vintage Plantations New Jersey
Wellington Chocolate New Zealand
White Rabbit Chocolate New Zealand
Wild Sweets Canada
Wilkie’s Organic Chocolate Ireland
Willie’s Cacao England
Woodblock Chocolate Portland, OR
Zokoko Australia
Zotter Austria

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